What's Happening with Your Local Stations

Here’s what you should know when disputes occur between channel owners who provide the ABC, CBS, FOX and NBC networks, and TV providers like us, who enable you to see your favorite shows at home.

DISH pays channel owners fees to carry their channels. When contracts come to an end, we negotiate new agreements, and the vast majority of the time you never hear about them. But sometimes channel owners demand an increase that’s much more than what they’ve ever received before – and all for the exact same channels. We believe it’s our responsibility to take a stand and protect you from excessive increases to your bill.

We stand together

Channel owners often blame TV providers, like DISH, for taking away your channels. The truth is that only channel owners have the ability to do this. We cannot and will not take away your channels during a dispute. Instead, we fight for what we know is fair. Just imagine your bill if we simply accepted an unreasonable fee demand for one channel, let alone the hundreds we partner with. While a majority of disputes are often resolved quickly, we thank you for your support as we fight by your side.

We protect you

Sometimes we have to make difficult decisions in order to protect our customers as a whole. Please know that we negotiate to maintain our ability to offer the best value and lowest every day price in the industry. We will not agree to rate increases that are exorbitant and unfair to our customers or inconsistent with the rest of the industry. Working together, we can keep more of your money in your pocket where it belongs.

Switching isn’t the answer

Unfortunately, disputes between pay-TV providers and channel owners are not uncommon. All pay-TV providers face disputes with channel owners. In fact, just last year there were 107 channel blackouts across the pay-TV industry. That is why switching your pay-TV provider is not the answer. Switching gives channel owners validation of what they are demanding and encourages them to raise rate demands. That ultimately drives up the cost for everyone. Sticking with DISH tells channel owners that they need to be reasonable and fair.

How you can help

Current laws do not protect you from experiencing these types of disputes. Deliberate channel blackouts have become so frequent that both Congressional leaders and consumers want them ended once and for all. To take action visit the American Television Alliance, and tell Congress to revisit outdated laws that govern this unfair process and allow channel owners to use disputes to extract unreasonably high fees.

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